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Air Dryers, Filters & Receivers

Air dryers, filters & receivers serve a number of different purposes all focused on ensuring you get high-quality and efficient output from your air compressor. We stock a selection of the main types of air filters and dryers, along with several sizes of compressed air receivers.

Air filters

Filters remove impurities and can clean the air supply of both liquid and solid contaminants. ACE Compressors stock in-line filters, along with filter, regulator and lubricator assemblies.

Air dryers

Air dryers work to remove water vapour and liquid water from your compressed air. Compressing humid air can condense into liquid form which can accumulate in your distribution airline, creating a blockage.

Air receivers

Air receivers are able to store compressed air that is not used immediately upon generation to prevent waste. This can be particularly beneficial in applications where consumption is not constant, for example when compressed air power tools are used manually.

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