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Air Receivers Tanks

Attaching an air receiver or compressed air tank to your air compressor gives you a place to store the excess output. This can then be used when it is needed, instead of that energy going to waste.

Compressed air receivers do exactly what their name suggests - they receive compressed air directly from the compressor and store up to their rated capacity.

The air inside the tank is held under pressure so the potential energy that is provided from the excess compressor output is not lost.

When you need output from your airline, it draws first from the air compressor receiver tank, releasing this stored potential energy to power your air tools or other equipment.

It's an ideal solution to varying usage demands, allowing the output from the air compressor to remain constant. This prevents continual and immediate adjustment every time you pick up or put down a tool.

We welcome any questions about any of our air receivers whether painted or galvanised, standard or high pressure. Please don't hesitate to get in touch.