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Rotary Screw Garage/Light Industry

Rotary screw compressors are an ideal option for use in garages and light industry applications where space and cost are both high on the agenda.

Their small physical footprint and compact construction make them highly space efficient while still leaving easy access for maintenance, ventilation and cooling.

MARK oil-injected rotary screw compressors are equipped with energy-saving motors that run on very low power while still giving the desired output, helping to keep ongoing operating costs to a minimum.

They also offer low noise output levels, again making them ideal for use in enclosed spaces like garages and industrial units where a noisy, high pressure air compressor might be unwelcome or uncomfortable for the operator to use.

Our oil-injected screw compressors come in a wide range of large flow cross section areas meaning a higher flow rate for the same rotor sizes and rotor speeds.

If you want to know more about rotary screw compressors for garages and light industry including our extended warranty & service life, or you wish to place an order, please contact us today.