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Senco Staples Fixings

Senco staplers come in several 'weights', suitable for light, medium and heavy wire stapling operations, and covering the full range of applications as well.

Light wire staplers cater for smaller everyday tasks, ranging from upholstery and furniture assembly, to assembling picture frames, and securing roofing felt and other light materials.

Medium wire staplers occupy the middle ground, with applications in furniture assembly, putting together sturdier cabinets and chests of drawers, along with bed frames and medium-level crafts of all kinds.

Opt for a heavy wire stapler for the most demanding tasks, for example laying sub-floor surfaces, as well as putting together crates, pallets and decks.

In addition to these three 'weights', there are also wide crown staplers, and these can be used for packaging, attaching cardboard to pallets, butt joints and insulation board.

To power Senco staplers, you may want to invest in a Senco compressor kit, providing the perfect level of output with excellent levels of noise and other characteristics.

A one horsepower air compressor can deliver pressure suitable to power Senco staplers of all kinds, for a purpose-built yet versatile piece of kit.

With a carry weight of just 20 lbs, it's easily portable, allowing it to be placed in a convenient location in any workshop or on an active construction site.

Oil-free design and a metal cylinder help to keep the compressor working at its optimum level for longer, while magnesium construction enhances durability, without adding to the weight.

And incredibly low noise output means no concern about the volume level in an enclosed area.

The versatility of the Senco compressor kit is extended even further, with your choice of trigger control - allowing for faster stapling on large projects, or for greater precision when quality is more of a factor than speed.

Senco staplers are of course compatible with many other air compressors as well - but buying a Senco compressor kit gives you the ideal air compressor for your new tools.