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110 Volt Compressors

Our 110V air compressors range from portable compressors with 10 litre air receivers right up to 100 litre receivers with displacement of up to 10.8 cfm.

We have oil-free air compressors from SIP, which are designed to be very highly portable, and without the need for major maintenance.

At the other end of the scale are Fiac Workhorse air compressors, built to withstand even the most demanding ongoing use, with air receivers of 50-200 litre

Our 110V air compressors are carefully selected to serve a range of different applications, from occasional to continual use, while minimising the need for maintenance.

110V compressors serve uses where normal electrical supplies are not readily available or where only 110V is allowed.

We also choose the air compressors we feel offer the best value for money, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best equipment for the price.

If the selection we have available does not include what you were looking for, please get in touch - we may be able to get what you need from the manufacturer, or offer an appropriate alternative to get the job done.

SIP Airmate OL197/10RC proTECH 110v

Part No: 06256

110 volt Portable Air Compressor 'OIL FREE'

8 CFM piston displacement - 8 bar maximum pressure - 10 litre air receiver

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ACE PRICE £219.99

RRP: £367.80

SIP Airmate OM250/50 proTECH 110v

Part No: 05253

9.2 CFM piston displacement - 10 bar maximum pressure - 50 litre air receiver

110 Volt Portable Air Compressor 'OIL FREE'

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ACE PRICE £399.99

RRP: £707.20