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Worthington DW46 Air Dryer PLUS TWO FILTERS

Part No: 4102002416

Flow Capacity (m3/h)
462 m3/h
Flow capacity (cfm)
272 cfm
Max  Operating Pressure (Bar)
13 bar
1 phase
580 mm
590 mm
899 mm
80 kg
Air Inlet ( BSP )
1.1/2" female
Air outlet ( BSP )
1.1/2" female
Refrigerant Gas

RRP: £

To ensure operational reliability of the DW dryer range, it is recommended to install a Worthington pre-filter upstream of the dryer and a high efficiency oil removal filter downstream of the dryer to protect the air system against particle and oil contamination.

Clean and dry air

Compressed air is cooled down by refrigerant gas, condensing the water in the air, making it easy to remove. Protection of the air network from corrosion, rust and leakages. Higher final product quality.

Bypass valve and filter support: The optional bypass facility allows the system to operate using the filters only during maintenance or malfunction of the dryer, thus avoiding any downtime.

Filter support: This option allows two filters to be installed on the rear side of the dryer, reducing overall dimensions and installation costs. Filters are not included in the option.

We supply an extensive range of air dryers, filters and receivers to ensure you maintain an effective air treatment system.

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