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Senco AY Type Brad Nail 18 Gauge

Part No: Nail-AY

15 - 42mm

RRP: £0.00

Part No's for various nail lengths:

AY10EAAP - 18g x 15mm chisel slt hd galv AY10EGA - 18g x15mm chisel slight head s/steel

AY11EAAP - 18g x 20mm chisel slt hd galv AY11EGA - 18g x 20mm chisel slight head st/st

AY13EAAP - 18g x 25mm chisel slt hd galv AY13EGA - 18g x 25mm chisel slt hd st/st

AY15EAAP - 18g x 30mm chisel slt hd galv AY15EGA - 18g x 30mm chisel slt hd st/st

AY17EAAP - 18g x 38mm chisel slt hd galv AY18EAAP - 18g x 42mm chisel slt hd galv

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