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SPX Hankison HHL 351 Absorbtion Dryer

Part No: 31027100

Free Air Delivered (m3/h)
350 m3/h
Free Air Delivered (CFM)
206 cfm
Max operating Pressure (Bar)
16 bar.g
Air outlet connection (BSP)
1 1/2"
Air Inlet connection (BSP)
1 1/2"
1980 mm
1150 mm
750 mm
425 kg

ACE PRICE £4,646.00

RRP: £7148.00

For flow rates from 90 m3/h to 9000 m3/h

The heatless regenerative absorbtion dryers in the HHL Series are equipped with level 1 control as standard and operate 10 minute cycle with a pressure dew point of -40oC

HHL Series absorbtion/desiccant dryers can be individually set to a specific dew point...

4 minute cycle = -70oC 10 minute cycle = -40oC

16 minute cycle = -20oC 24 minute cycle = +3oC

We supply an extensive range of air dryers, filters and receivers to ensure you maintain an effective air treatment system.

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